Most of Harewood’s work is in the following areas but it is probable we can help in others too, so do ask – and we like unusual and different projects!


  • Structural Alterations and Extensions.  This includes everything from sizing a single lintel to the design of complex extensions.

  • New Build Houses.  We are able to provide structural designs for new-build houses in all structural materials, new and traditional.

  • Structural Inspections and Appraisals.  Commonly these are in advance of a house purchase, or to check structural safety.

  • Support for Landowners. Structural design and assessment of, for example, small bridges, retaining structures and agricultural buildings.

  • Commercial and Industrial Clients. We are able to provide structural design for commerical  buildings and industrial sites.  We have also worked with film producers and on religious buildings.

Extension Hale, Greater Manchester

Structural Engineer: Harewood

Architect: Matt MacNulty

Photo: Matt MacNulty